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Assistant Chief Instructor Don Wright  

Lake Union Branch

4th Degree Assistant Chief Instructor Don Wright

Assistant Chief Instructor Don started his kempo career with Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association in 1990. He trained with 3 time World Champion, Assistant Professor Garland Johnson, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He also trained under the prestigious and famous Grand Master Martin T. Buell of Oahu, Hawaii.

After moving to Everett, Washington, he continued training in the Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association system with Head Instructor Alex Weinert, driving 50 miles per day for that training. Assistant Chief Instructor Don earned his Black Belt from Grand Master Buell and Professor Johnson and was subsequently authorized by them to open Wright Kempo-Karate Schools as branches of the Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association.

Assistant Chief Instructor Don's interest in the martial arts was sparked in his youth hearing stories about Judo classes from his father. Later he joined the Army and fell in love with hand-to-hand combat training and earned an Instructor rating. While stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington, the Army offered an after hours Judo class where he learned how to get pounded into the ground and come up smiling. The Army transferred Don to Ft. Sam Huston, Texas, for advanced battlefield medical training. While there, he trained in "The Street Survival System" and was awarded a Green Belt.

After his Army service, Assistant Chief Instructor Don moved to Colorado Springs where he studied Tai Kun Tao Kung Fu, earning a Red Sash. It was in Colorado Springs that he met and worked with Assistant Professor Johnson, Assistant Professor Manegdeg and Assistant Professor Levett at Digital Equipment Corp. When the Kung Fu school suddenly closed, Assistant Professor Johnson invited Don into the Universal Kempo Family. "When I attended the first kempo class with Assistant Professor Johnson, it felt like home! I finally found a system that contained the values I had always looked for. Living in the Springs and having no relatives around, we felt very isolated. The Universal Kempo family adopted my family and we were no longer alone! Over the years I had researched many martial arts systems and trained with some good ones, but Universal Kempo Karate Schools Assocation stands alone in the quality of Instructions and integrity of the leaders. We'll never leave the Kempo Family!" Assistant Chief Instructor Instructor Don, 4th Degree Black Belt, and his wife Senior Head Instructor Cheri Wright 3rd Degree Black Belt,run the Lake Union and Mukilteo Branches of UNIVERSAL KEMPO-KARATE SCHOOLS.

Classes at Universal Kempo Karate Schools Association - Lake Union Branch Schedule:

Tuesday & Thursday
Adults: 11:20 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

The Lake Union Branch is also taught by Black Belt Instructors Dan Huckins and Mickey Jacobson

You may contact Assistant Chief Instructor Don Wright at (425)418-7757