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Self Defense

The founder of our system, Grand Master Martin T. Buell, teaches us that war and killing is wrong, but it is also wrong not to be prepared to defend and protect one's self and family.

At Universal Kempo Karate Schools, Self Defense is about more than learning to kick and punch. We teach our students that the best way to win a fight is to avoid it and that we should use physical force only as a last resort.

Universal students learn three approaches to Self-Defense:

ESCAPE - Avoid the Danger
Students learn to avoid situations where trouble is likely to occur and to recognize trouble before it starts.

CONTROL - Defuse the Situation
Using the ability to talk your way out of trouble is an important skill for the Kempo Student. When necessary, the use of the controlling techniques such as finger bends, wrist locks, arm bars or pressure points to prevents trouble from further escalation.

DESTROY - Defend against a Violent Attack
If forced to defend himself or herself, the Kempo student will be able to use their skills and physical conditioning to avoid being injured. When forced to use a physical defense, the Kempo student will utilize the escalating scale of Escape, Control, or Destroy (last resort).

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